Roku Support

Roku is a company that makes a wide range of digital media players for streaming online content. Both live streaming and on-demand content are supported by Roku devices. Furthermore, Roku streaming players are open-platform devices that come with a free software development kit that allows users to create new channels. However, if any user has a problem streaming on their Roku device, they should contact the Roku support team for real-time assistance.

Roku offers technical help via email, phone, and social media, along with live-streaming and on-demand entertainment. Thus, it would get easy for all users to contact the Roku support experts through the ways covered below.

Ways to Contact the Customer Support team of Roku

The users can get in touch with the customer support team of Roku through the following ways. 

  • Email: If the users face issues while using Roku services, they can quickly share their queries with the Roku support team via email. The customer support experts will try to resolve their problem as soon as possible.
  • Phone: If the users need real-time assistance from the Roku support team, they can get in touch with the experts over the phone call. The customer service experts will guide the users to solve their queries. 

How does Roku Support help users?

The Roku Support team helps users in the following ways. 

Getting Started- Setup & How-to: 

  • The users can get help in getting started with Roku devices, including connecting devices to TV, setup, linking Roku devices with an account at, subscribing to services, adding channels, and more. 

Remote & Accessories:

  • In this, the users can get help with Roku remotes and accessories, including setting up TV volume & power control, pairing a remote, using power adapters, voice commands, cables, wireless speaker, and headphone accessories. 

Network- Wireless & Wired Connections:

  • Here, the users can get help in troubleshooting network issues, including connecting the Roku device to public networks, home Wi-Fi network, troubleshooting ethernet connections & wireless issues, and optimizing streaming performance. 

Roku Device Features, Settings, & Update:

  • The users can get help in configuring Roku device settings, assistance with updates, using Roku OS features such as adjusting audio settings and display type, screen mirroring, and using Guest Mode. 

Playback Issues:

  • Here, the users get help with video and audio playback issues, HDCP messages, TV compatibility & display type recognition, troubleshooting playback errors, and resolving power issues. 

Accounts, Billing, and Orders:

  • From here, the users can get assistance with managing a Roku account on the web or device, billing or subscription questions, logging into, promotions, orders, and more. 

Channel Issues & Questions:

  • The users can get help in troubleshooting the Roku device’s channels, including logging in to, adding or removing channels, activating or authenticating a channel, assistance contacting channel publishers, and more. 

Roku Mobile App:

  • Here, the users can get help with the Roku Mobile App on iOS and Android, using remote controls functionality, adding channels, playing content from the Roku channel, and more. 


This write-up includes the ways through which the users can contact the customer support team of Roku. In addition, it also has information regarding what help the Roku support team can provide to the users.