- Setup and Activate your Roku Device.

Roku is a smart streaming device that enables users to enjoy all types of internet services on their TV. It is majorly used to access streaming and catch-up services. Also, the user can play music or use applications such as Netflix or YouTube. 

Roku mainly lets the user access all digital media services in one convenient place and even has a universal search system that quickly searches for their favorite movies, TV shows, and much more. 

All major online service providers such as Netflix, Google Play Video, and other regional options are available on Roku. In addition to this, for all users, various free Roku channels are also available.

The user can also access the Amazon Prime Video through a Roku device. Furthermore, the user can even add local TV channels to their Roku device.

 Roku streaming device is versatile, affordable, and has a straightforward user-interface. Therefore, the user can easily access the services provided by Roku devices. It is an ideal media center for all who don’t wish to buy a video game console to stream digital content.

Features of Roku Device

Roku device is laden with countless features that help users find and stream for their favorite channels and shows. Also, the device keeps updating after a regular interval of time, and the TV is never out of date. Therefore, for all users, we have enrolled in the details of the features of Roku devices.

Private Listening

It allows the users to crank up the volume on that action flick freely. With the private listening feature on the Roku app, the user can use the headphones to hear every detail without disturbing others.

Free Roku Mobile App

The user can easily download the Roku app on their Android or iOS mobile device. It enables the users to search with the keyboard, use the voice search, enjoy private listening with up to three near and dear ones, cast to their TV, and much more.

Automatic updates

After buying the Roku device, the Roku device keeps getting better. With regular automatic updates, the users will get the newest features and latest software, and the user even doesn’t have to think about that.

How does Roku Work?

Roku is one of the most reliable streaming devices that satisfies all users through their online streaming needs. So, whether any user wants to stream shows on Netflix or are fans of live TV services like Philo and Hulu can easily access them via the Roku product. 

Roku devices work with an internet connection. Thus, the user can stream YouTube or Netflix content on their TV or smartphone. 

The users are suggested to attach the Roku device to their television through an HDMI port. After the device gets plugged in, and select Roku as a source. Then from there, the users are suggested to enter the Wi-Fi details. After this, login to the account or new users is suggested to create a Roku account. 

Roku makes use of all legal and paid channels to provide media to its valuable customers. So, there is no issue of legality. Thus, along with the regular channels, the users can subscribe to the private channels too.

How to connect a Roku streaming stick with TV?

All users looking for ways to connect the Roku streaming stick with the TV should follow the steps provided below.

      • Firstly turn ON the TV.
      • After this, insert the streaming stick in the HDMI port of the TV or the projector. 
      • Note: The users can make use of the extender to connect the stick with the TV.
      • Once the Streaming stick gets plugged in correctly, connect one end of the power cord to the stick and the other end to the wall or the TV or projector.
      • Note: The easy way to check if the stick is turned “ON” is when the LED light turns “ON.”
      • After this, change the input to the HDMI port in which the streaming stick is plugged.
      • After that, follow the prompts on the TV.
      • After this, put the batteries in the Roku remote.
      • Then press any button on the Roku remote, then it will automatically get paired.
      • The user can also press the “Reset” button located under the battery cover.

So, this is how the user can easily connect the Roku device. After that, to setup the Roku device via, the users are suggested to follow the below-mentioned step.

How to setup a Roku device using

Roku is an online media device through which the user can stream their favorite shows, movies, music, and even more. It is affordable and practical to add internet streaming to the TV or home theater for a better streaming experience. 

Roku incorporates an operating system that enables users to access and manage online internet streaming content. Therefore, the user can easily setup and connect the Roku device to the internet, similar to how to communicate with the system. So, the following are the minimal steps that are required to setup a Roku device. 

After purchasing the Roku device, the users are suggested to setup the device. Therefore, for that, follow the setup procedure provided below.

      • First of all, connect the Roku Box or the Streaming Stick to the TV.
      • After this, turn “ON” the Roku TV.
      • Then the users are suggested to select the preferred language.
      • After this, establish wired or wireless network access. 
      • If the user uses the Wi-Fi, then the Roku device will search for all available networks.
      • After this, select your Wi-Fi connection and then enter the Wi-Fi password.
      • After that, the users are suggested to enter the code number to activate the Roku product. 
      • Note: Make use of the Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, or PC to visit 
      • Then as instructed, enter the Roku code.
      • After this, the users are suggested to create a user, password, and address detail. Additionally, the credit card or PayPal Account number details. 
      • Note: Roku does not ask for any charges for using Roku devices, but while making the content rental payments, pay additional subscription fees, or purchases, all users are suggested to provide the payment related information.
      • Suppose there is any user who has a Roku TV. In that case, additional items, such a cable TV connection verification or an antenna and channel scanning, will be included in the Roku setup procedure.

Now at the end of the setup procedure, the home menu will appear and enable users to access the device operation and channels/application selection.

How to activate Roku Device?

Once the user accomplishes the setup procedure, they should all perform the steps to activate the Roku Device. Therefore, to make it easy for all users, we have described the steps to activate the Roku device.

      • From the smartphone, laptop, computer system, visit
      • Then enter the activation code on the website.
      • After typing the code, the next page will ask the user to register.
      • Then enter the details asked on the next page.
      • Note: The user will have to provide the credit card details.

So, by following these steps, the user can easily activate the Roku device. It is a simple and easy process to activate the Roku device.

How to create a Roku Account?

All users are suggested to go through the steps penned below to create a Roku account. 

      • Firstly, go to the official website of Roku,
      • Then hit on the “Sign In” option.
      • After this, click on the “Create an Account” option.
      • Then the “Create Your Account” page will get open on the screen.
      • Now insert the following details asked to create a Roku account.
      • Then click on the “Continue” option.
      • Then on the next screen, choose your PIN preferences.
      • Then click on the “Continue” option.
      • After that, the users are suggested to choose the payment method.
      • Then insert the “Billing Address Information.”
      • Then hit the “Save and Continue” option.

Thus, by performing the following steps, the user can easily create the Account.

Common Roku issues

Below mentioned are the common issues faced by Roku users.

      • Error code 009: Not able to recognize the wireless signal. 
      • Error code 001: Wrong code is used for activation
      • Error Code 003: Software error
      • Error code 014: Wi-Fi or internet-related problem
      • Roku Error code 012: If the user chooses the incorrect port to connect the Ethernet cable

Where to find Roku Activation Code for

The Roku activation code will get displayed on the TV screen. The user will get the activation code after connecting the stick with the internet connection. But, make sure that the Roku stick is connected with the TV. Once the user enters the Activation code, then it will automatically update.